The Resilient Energi pyrolysis system produces biochar, an organic fertilizer that increases the carbon sequestration capacity of soil and improves productivity and profits for agriculture, horticulture, and agroforestry. 

Our biochar is produced with a high temperature pyrolysis system and provides a renewable, organic, and carbon-negative soil additive.

Carbon is the Earth’s most basic chemical building block. It is found in all living things and is essential to life. Without it, nothing grows. Healthy soils need carbon, as it enables absorption of water and nutrients, helps prevent compaction, and promotes healthy root structures.

When the biochar is applied to the ground as an organic soil amendment it becomes carbon negative – it removes more greenhouse gas from the atmosphere than is required to produce the biochar – and sequesters the carbon in the soil.

The rich, black carbon in Resilient Energi’s biochar transforms soil, altering its physical structure to provide an ideal habitat for microorganisms that recycle the nitrogen that plants need while sequestering atmospheric carbon in the soil for hundreds of years.

Resilient Energi’s biochar is ideal for all agricultural, horticultural, and agroforestry production systems including grains, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, orchards, landscaping and tree farms. From large scale commercial agriculture to greenhouses and backyard gardens, Resilient Energi biochar improves plant health and yield while sequestering carbon in the soil.

There are many biomass feedstocks that can be used in a Resilient Energi high temperature pyrolysis systems to produce sustainable high quality biochar.

Resilient Energi biochar is a safe and natural product for long-term gains in soil fertility, plant performance, and carbon sequestration.

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