Renewable Diesel

Resilient Energi technology and production systems are ideal for net zero production of drop-in renewable diesel fuel for automobile, aviation, truck, and ocean freight transportation.

The Resilient Energi net zero drop-in renewable diesel production system gives corporations and municipalities with the following characteristics highly profitable opportunities: 

  • Large users and distributors of liquid fuels
  • Access to a large source of biomass
  • Locations that have a ready market for biochar and industrial use for biodiesel
  • Reasonable electricity costs
  • Locations with high incentives for net zero fuels

Resilient Energi’s pyrolysis technology and renewable diesel conversion system are proven to boost your city’s or company’s bottom line, whether you are looking to achieve net zero emission reduction goals or undertake a new investment opportunity.

Our renewable diesel production system will help you control energy costs and generate new revenue streams – while demonstrating to your customers that you are leading by example in the drive for GHG emission reductions and environmental sustainability.

Resilient Energi drop-in renewable diesel provides an economical and environmental-friendly solution for municipalities and companies that have biomass and municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal issues and large quantities of processed waste products.

With production costs for Resilient Energi ultra-low sulfur renewable diesel at highly competitive costs to consumers who currently use fossil derived diesel fuels and additional revenue streams from the sale of biochar, the biodiesel fuel system will boost your financial returns.  

Companies and municipalities can also take advantage of financial incentives available for waste to energy projects and renewable diesel production facilities.

Resilient Energi lowers risk by supplying a modular scalable system customized for your specific needs. Our project design team will provide training with the system’s installation, operation, and maintenance.

Resilient Energi renewable diesel production systems are designed and sized to be profitable in the first year of operation.

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