Resilient Energi uses a patented pyrolysis system provided by Proton Power to produce a hydrogen-rich gas stream from biomass sources that produce low-cost carbon negative electricity as well as biochar, graphene and green hydrogen.

This core Proton Power technology, called Cellulose to Hydrogen Power (CHyP), can also use municipal solid waste (MSW) to produce net zero electricity that is ideal for distributed or central-station electrical power generation.

Resilient Energi’s CHyP system provides profitable opportunities for electrical power generation for municipalities and businesses that have:

  • High electricity costs
  • Growing energy demands
  • Need for distributed power in remote locations
  • Existing diesel generators
  • A local source of biomass
  • Are located in areas that offer high incentives for net zero electricity

Resilient Energi Net Zero electricity lowers risk by supplying a complete system – fully customized for your business needs. We will train your team to install, operate, and maintain the system. The Resilient Energi system allows business owners and decision-makers like you to control energy costs and make expenses predictable.

Resilient Energi systems allow companies and municipalities to lead by example by providing net zero solutions to the climate crisis.

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